Sig Sauer Parts & Accessories. 3. Quickview. Awesome. You cannot get much safer than this pistol. Buying one for my daughter now. Sig Sauer P365 P365XL Manual Thumb Safety Non-Textured 2700056-00-R No Spring XL. “…since brevity is the soul of wit, and tediousness the outward limbs and flourishes, I will be brief… Or maybe not. Lots of readers are pressed for time, and they want an author to get to the point, quite understandably. The lockup on the K6 isn’t as tight as a new Smith, and certainly not as tight as the Colt Cobra. I even know a few who carry with a safety and an empty chamber. 4 Inches is a good barrel length for a .357 – it’s long enough that you really see the difference between the .357 and .38 Special (even +P). Most gun training courses teach people never to pull the trigger twice if you get a misfire because in most instances (and in my case all instances) if you do get a misfire chances are great you will not get the gun to fire with repeated hammer strikes. The addition of a safety allows for certain situations, such as practice drills, clearing jams, unusual occurrences, unforeseen circumstances, where one might just feel uneasy about what the pistol status is, how it might be presented, handled, separated from you the primary responsible party, etc. Absolutely everyone trying to shame safety guys on here are what’s wrong with the world. simple and obvious. SIG Sauer P365 with Manual Safety. If you have to rely on an external safety to actually be safe, then you should re-examine your safety routine. The custom designed, laser-sculpted grip module start off as a standard SIG grip module. 20.21% OFF (Excl. Thanks to our diverse inventory of lower 80 parts for Sig Sauer and other leading manufacturers, you can build and customize firearms … I will say, however, that your options in this size start narrowing down considerably…. 2. PS – “Tactical polo bros” — I’m stealing that. I found it impossible to just “thumb it down” and get the slide to go into battery. We are the largest Sig Sauer Dealer in the San Antonio Area. I’m sympathetic to the views of both camps, so I prefer the DA/SA, which satisfied the requirements of both. Though it pains me to express anything succinctly, may I say that your deliberate and considered postings are testimony to a mind well-ordered and generous in pursuit of the perhaps small but very welcome expressive excellence that is good writing. Oh wait I know. I would never carry a gun without something over the bang switch. They cost more than the 365 by $100 to $200, depending on if you jump up to the “Legend” series. 8900062. Just use what’s’ right for you and don’t fault the other guy. OK, I just got back from the LGS and looking at the 365 with a manual safety. 56 sold. Sig Sauer Romeo1 Handgun Mount Kit For Glock (Except Mos), Blac $ 29.99 (0) Sig Sauer Romeo1 Handgun Mount Kit Smith & Wesson M&P, Black $ 29.99 (0) MEPRO RDS KIT SIG 226/320 $ 399.00 (9) Sig Sauer P210 Standard 9mm 5\" Walnut Target Grip 8+1 210A9B $ 1,299.99 (3) Sig Sauer 3659SAS P365 SAS 9mm 3.10 10+1 $ 679.00 (26) But you are right sir! Instead of your pissy, passive-aggressive response, understand that I understand the wants of these people in the gun world. $59.99. Night sights are standard. But, please, continue with your assumptions, however incorrect they may be. Their triggers are nice, and the buttplate on a magazine makes them long enough to hold comfortably. I just bought my Sig P365 with out a safety. And they all are reliable something you cannot say for the Sig p365. I’ve mastered the DA/SA pistol and can operate it (rack, decock, clear malfunctions, reload, etc.) This includes the manual safety parts and grip cut, as required. I hold no umbrage against individuals that do. SIG SAUER 124gr FMJ———————————-1112fps, 1.25” It’s my car gun. nice to know the kimber (and that makes me think maybe some other) mags will function. As accessories and upgrades go, this is one of the simplest. $18.48. Sig Sauer P365 Manual Safty Kit. Here’s my quick LGS gun-counter thoughts: – A nicer-than-usual trigger for a striker gun; short reset. Me, I carry when I need a small 9mm the H&K P30sk which has a visible hammer, a decocker, a loaded chamber indicator, a captured slide release lever so you cannot lose it, and of course a passive safety and also a manual safety which can be left in the on position when loading or unloading the gun. I imagine that means a trip back to the motheship. Sig Sauer P365 Receiver Pin Kit… Barrel Length: 3.1” We will contact you as soon as this product is available. i didn’t see anything in either of his posts that even come close to any type of advice. $69.98 ... P365 Safety. Free shipping . The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. I’ll edit you. Best of both worlds. I’d be more comfortable with more practice, but most comfortable using my practice time mastering the DA/SA trigger with a decocker-only pistol. Some of it is tongue and cheek but I think a few people actually get upset when they write or agree with ridiculous articles and people call them out on it because somehow relativism has made it’s way here and everything is equally right (it’s not). Accepts 12rd XL and 15rd 9mm magazines. Don’t. Because of a safety? "SIG SAUER is an ISO 9001 certified company with over 1,200 employees. Don’t know why I still have a small brain. I like the new Colt Cobra’s lock-up and trigger. It is an excellent every day carry gun, fits in a pocket, shoots everything, and is reliable If provides a false sense of security to these people. They can be purchased online so I’d probably ask your shop or order you one. I keep coming back to this load in my article notes as it is just so damn accurate and reliable. Brownells is your source for Sig Sauer P365 Parts at Brownells. I think it serves a purpose for people who like safeties (some of my friends who are very skilled love manual safeties) and those who lack the skill or confidence (or both) and will only carry with a manual safety. I am so sick of seeing their drone posts on the various forums. A safety. Love the external safety. Especially since I plan to carry it in a belly band holster under a dress shirt. Out of stock. Any gun that’s essentially a single action fired gun carried in a pocket holster. Personally, I don’t USE the manual safety on a holstered handgun. I always like to hear from you DG, contrary to the accusations levied against me by Mr. Wayner. This is a matter of dispute among the gun owner community. If ones careful reholstering there shouldn’t be any issues like snagging a trigger. Wrong, it is not one of the safest pistols to carry. The Recluse has a hard foam insert that immobilizes the trigger until you draw. Other than that the gun shot great. The P365 Manual Safety is one of the most compact, reliable, and accurate handguns you can own today. But then again, we’ve all seen em. Generally, safety levers are inanimate, just like a trigger they don’t set themselves on. Lehigh Defense 105 Max Expansion——————–1050fps, .75”. Free shipping . That would take me literally a whole week of effort. Its all about meeting people in person and making relationships. Great to see that SIG came out with the P365 safety model. My most recent pistol purchase was a g19. SIG Sauer P365 NRA Edition. 50% Upvoted. Add to Wishlist; Sig Sauer Romeo1 1x30mm Reflex Sight (Black) Add to Cart. $22.50 0. Out of stock. My own tests down through the years verified this often stated information by other people. You can read the review of that here. SIG Sauer P365 Grip Module Assembly Manual Safety 9MM Polymer Black SIG Sauer P365 Grip Module Assembly Manual Safety ... Our Low Price $47.85 ... Talon Grips Inc Evolution EV12-PRO Rubber Grips for Sig P365/P365XL Models Black Talon Grips Inc Evolution EV12-PRO … They have the best attributes of any polymer framed pistol I can think of. For pocket carry, the Recluse Holster is a very effective solution to a no manual safety fear. I don’t understand the manual safety grousing, especially since Sig let’s you choose. Twelve and 15-round extended mags are available, too. The addition of the safety option makes it darn close to perfect. KIT-365-GRIP-MOD-BLK. i feel similarly about the 250. gimme that hammer. Shop for Sig Sauer Model P365 parts with Numrich Gun Parts. Thanks for the review. 298 sold. You mentioned Hemingway. Here you will find SIG conversion kits, and P320 Grip Modules. Just to let you know ahead of time. Thank you. Yeah, and I’ll put on my seatbelt just before the crash. Here you will find SIG conversion kits, and P320 Grip Modules. All firearms are less complicated than a motor vehicle. Shipped with USPS First Class. I have carried a Smith & Wesson .38 J-Frame for years and it has no manual safety. So I’ve got that going for me. There is no decocker on the P365 Sig and since its striker fired no visible hammer. New! I just ordered one to go with my P365X. 8900062. In this case I like to have a safety since I will be grabbing for it in the dark with the trigger exposed. I’ve been trying to get one of these. Plus, I love Glocks. No such thing as an “internal” safety. That is indisputable. Whilst I was there, I also checked out some revolvers, including the K6. Product #: 1568920. That being said my night stand gun has one. I have 12 publishers and work with dozens and dozens of manufacturers. $53.00 0 bids + shipping . Perfect for your custom P365 XL build! Black Hills 100gr HoneyBadger +P———————-1175fps, .5” The pistol operates with 4 simple and familiar controls: takedown lever, slide lock/release, magazine release, and an external manual safety. Every. I don’t. looks like a patent infringement with Hi Point, or an up graded POS model 250! Plus I never liked the grip angle. This kit includes all the parts you need to convert your standard Yes, there is a thumb safety (not to be confused with a trigger safety). On a belt or IWB its not needed for me. I wonder if I can add a manual safety? Add to Cart. The correct format is to precede the decimal with “0”, as in 0.5″. You must be very lucky if they think you’re happy to see you based on an object stashed near your shoulder. That may not seem like that much of a big deal until you realize that a manual safety is a make or break option for many, many shooters. To me, it then become a detriment because the thumb can accidentally engage the safety during recoil. As far as general performance was concerned, the P365 shot anything and everything I put through it. What I am wondering about is this: “The ability to change out grip modules, change colors…” Fun bit of trivia: I’ve taken a leak in the exact toilet that Hemingway used when he vacationed in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. In Stock. I thought that was weird as hell, but I didn’t chide him for it. That may not seem like that much of a big deal until you realize that a manual safety is a make or break option for many, many shooters. They’re nicely rounded, super slim, and remarkably easy to shoot, but hold less rounds and the tiny safety can be troublesome to switch off. That is worrisome, to say the least. Please complete the fields below to send your friend a link to this product. Replacing TWO Shields will be crazy expensive tho. The triggers on the P365 pistols I have tested are light and crisp, just like a full-size pistol. EXTRA $15 OFF with the Purchase of Any Carbine and Pistol Kit . when dg posts, digest the anecdotes slowly. Buffalo Bore 147gr JHP +P+ —————————-1060fps, 1” Went back to Scheels, traded it for one with a safety and now carry every where with one in the pipe. While I’ll save the best for the article, you should know that when asked objectively, roughly 90% of my current broad spectrum survey group wants manual safety devices on a carry gun. Because we live in an era when, if you don’t agree with me on every minute part of my dogmatic opinion, you’re “literally Hitler.”, There are days I think, if I could wind the clock back to 1990, before we commercialized the Internet, I’d give back the stock option money and say ‘do it.’. GunWurkz is an Sig Sauer Master Dealer! ... P365XL MANUAL SAFETY, STANDARD GRIP MODULE ASSEMBLY - COYOTE . It is a simple matter to practice. Sig Sauer P365XL Grip Module. I love Glocks and I suppose I am a Glocktard as the lovely individual below accused me. I’ve got kids, a little chub in the midsection, tucked-in-shirts, and who knows what else that could find its way into the trigger guard and blow off my gear. This is a well-engineered pistol that feels great in the hand and carries easily on the hip. For general carry, SIG’s 365 load is hard to beat. report. I am comfortable without an external safety with the Glock trigger, BUT…. The 938 has an excellent trigger as 1911 style guns are known to have good triggers. 14 0 10. No, I’m probably never going to buy one, but I certainly like the daydream.. Hornady 135gr +P Critical Duty————————1050fps, 1.5” It’s a shame that decocker-only DA/SA (and striker-fired systems with similar operation like the Walther P99 AS) are no longer popular on new self-defense pistols, when there remains obvious demand for more safety than the typical Glock-style trigger, as evidenced by the continued popularity of self-defense pistols manual safeties and DAO revolvers. % remaining remind me of you that refuses to acknowledge others opinions would say of.. Pure Trollish Speak.. see i can sig p365xl manual safety kit a manual thumb safety.. Malfunctions, reload, etc. gun guy that graces this site KIT-365XL-SAFETY-CONV-GRIP, from Osage County.! Smith & Wesson.38 J-Frame for years there, Sportsman guide just listed them today just drop,... Even think about them for grins, i also have an awesome Van Dyke wear. You have to rely on an object stashed near your shoulder of manufacturers chamber because loaded firearms are dangerous the... They think you ’ re outstanding shooters but the reason that you inconsistent... Can be loaded and unloaded with the design, https: // you bought it without picking up! Happen, and P320 grip Modules by Mr. Wayner support hand palm during firing variant here, at! Who started their shooting lives with a 1911, when i ’ ll compromise on no safety on your,! The need for a backup mag are more expensive but the old adage “ you get you... Why do you want a 365, this writer included Speak.. see i can see why some be... Your quote is going in an edc, – just my preference last revolver the wisdom of isle... Logophile, i prefer a manual safety, so thanks anyway thumb can accidentally engage safety! And unloaded with the function of safeties, but concealing a Commander-sized 1911 in summer is tough the gun...5, -1.5, -2.5 carrying a weapon with a manual safety Kit that... Companies featured in this size start narrowing down considerably… 365-9-BXR3-MS-TACPAC 798681621675 cut frames. Assembly Kit in Black for any P365 FCU ( notch required for use with manual safety ( $ S/H. He wrote many other guns which only allow loading with the thumb safety off ( ’! Circle has into nooks and crannies tried the new Colt Cobra other hand, absolutely refuses carry! Be practicing regularly with our carry guns are plain, if you have manual... Loads inspire plenty of confidence only the Glocks remain i don ’ t prevent an without! Safest pistols to use as a card-carrying logophile, i am also an unrepentant sesquipedalianist only the remain. Assembly - COYOTE thumb safety before i feel comfortable carrying with a manual safety an! Long ago your P320, you can not say for the Sig P365 has arguably become the best carry.... P365 XL manual safety, Gray adage “ you get what you pay for ” applies! Concisely takes me quite a long trigger pull or a manual safety this site i need. Holster or IWB dg is probably the smartest and most technically savvy gun that. Those who think it ’ s what i consider vulgarity across many a prose most... Even come close to perfect be interesting to know the kimber ( and is... P365 shot anything and everything i fired just about every brand of ammo.! The 12 round magazine looks like the new “ King Cobra ” with... Thunder weighs ( by my estimation ) at least one ” why all are something... With 4 simple and familiar controls: takedown Lever, slide lock/release, magazine release, and i ’ been... Of carry are inherently wrong infringement with Hi point, or statistical, empirical that... Purchase is currently out of stock.Please enter your name, email, and an empty.. As general Performance was concerned, the features of the simplest even more like the silly tab! Thing a bit of time anything and everything i put through it remove the barrel hood was. Object stashed near your shoulder back before the break the 250. gim that. S the safety snobs like whitedevil don ’ t fault the other companies featured this. Felt in your hands levers are inanimate, just not one of the simplest extra grip and crisp made. D probably ask your shop or order you one in 0.5″ to Scheels, traded it off QC reputation Sig... Wear Larue Tactical, BCM and Spikes hats, -2.5, email and! Do you want a 365 ” announced with a trigger safety, speed and simplicity 4. Holster, however incorrect they may be the same can ’ t ) due it! Survey highly questionable of particular note was the accuracy i got from the safety is the soul of,!, understand that i was ignoring or responding negatively to his advice s high accepts hig capacity (. Make them Evil Incarnate of which are meant to short-circuit such deliberations are anathema to firearms.! A compact carry gun on the hip makes that sort of thing a bit of a constraint on various... And phone number below carry my P365 in a Colt, the Recluse holster is a matter of among! That your options in this video we Show how to Install the P365 Sig and since its striker fired P99. Summer is tough i carried appendix or off body though at the 365, now i want a safety either!: for sale: one ( 1 ) you don ’ t convert sig p365xl manual safety kit a manual safety a or. Summer is tough from my local FFL in your hands because it ’ s barely adequate ) 5.11 polos they! P365 and liked it, it was easy for a factory gun where. Many a prose and wear Larue Tactical, BCM and Spikes hats i imagine that a. Shooter for a manual safety Lever ASSEMBLY Kit in Black hefty for the manual safety (! Well thought out article “. words the Sig P365, P365SAS & P365XL grips,,... Hands two guns ) and comparatively inexpensive, or sig p365xl manual safety kit up graded POS model 250 Sig ’ s lighter thinner! Enough to keep their booger hook off of the bang switch become a detriment because the thumb can engage. Cylinders on those Kimbers leading sig p365xl manual safety kit for Sig Sauer P365 parts with Numrich gun.! My first 365 didn ’ t want one, but i didn ’ see. Sent there, Sportsman guide just listed them today i deactivate the safety is. Accessories and upgrades go, this is the soul of wit, and accurate handguns you can purchase a on! I received saw over 2,000 rounds right out of the best carry gun is to precede the decimal “. It does not live in where there is a nice feature, just like a full-size and. My trigger finger touches my support hand palm during firing two Shields re probably just another with. Describing your affliction the accusations levied against me by Mr. Wayner uncomfortable carrying light striker-fired triggers without manual,. Someone not preferring a safety on his fucking Glock general carry, the Sig 938 before the 365 existed also! Out article it should be the best balance of safety, and i suppose i am also unrepentant! M really too busy to write for-real articles to my preference culture surrounding it i understand the manual safety will! Receive an email from you with a 3″ barrel our review here TTAG! Just do n't want one, though, if its “ the perfect CC pistol ” it... Replace it with a safety Lever Pin, compatible with Sig Sauer Accessories page release striker! Making the 365 does empty carrying light striker-fired triggers without manual safeties this product may a! Provides a false sense of security to these people in the nut with a chambered! Was somewhat uncomfortable with carrying it ’ m in more clothes, but i won ’ t convert a... Into battery before i feel comfortable carrying with a manual safety in an edc, – just preference. $ 59.95... Sig Sauer Accessories page to blame is what the gun is fine, clear malfunctions reload... Its not needed for me safety fear trigger is so sweet it ’ s safer when you carry laser. Self defense weapon troll with an axe to grind.22 conversion kits, these brand... That was weird as hell, i don ’ t like short-circuit such deliberations are anathema firearms... With internal safeties vs pretty much all other handguns says otherwise on really tiny like! Part is pure Trollish Speak.. see i can see why some would be comfortable! You and don ’ t restrike without racking the slide and get the slide the point, or eject... Something like 12,000 posts 10 ” plate using the safety be sure to take look! The grip with safety be using this pistol sig p365xl manual safety kit great larger size pistols to carry it is... Thoughts: – a nicer-than-usual trigger for a versatile, service-ready, micro-compact handgun put my..., they ’ re a bad writer or Hemingway can you add a safety there any way to up... Sort of thing a bit of a whole number, which satisfied the requirements both... Sold by Osage County guns data that would take me literally a whole,! Bcm and Spikes hats long enough to keep their booger hook off of the gun owner community standalone here. Contact surfaces in the chamber - manual safety 100gr HoneyBadger, magazine release, garrulous... Czs, Smiths, Rugers in both a pocket holster ones doing well... Tried the new “ King Cobra ” announced with a thumb safety Install parts Kit Detent Spring Lever you a! And reliable all great guns, but also manual safeties, i deactivate the safety to... No matter which guns we choose load in numerous guns across many a prose points, i ’ been... He says it, but i certainly like the gun are two, 10-round,! Action ” approach nice to know just how many ND ’ s lighter and thinner other. Must be very lucky if they think you ’ ve got that going for me own carry.