As long as your soundbar is connected to your TV with either an optical cable or HDMI via ARC, you can control the volume and mute the soundbar using your Samsung TV's remote. One For All Universal Remote codes for Samsung Soundbar. Samsung Soundbar Universal Remote Codes. Read also: Samsung DVD Remote Codes. Sometimes there are just too many remotes to keep track of. Samsung Soundbar Universal Remote Codes List. Samsung TV (62016203 model#) Tivo to TV via HDMI (port 2), Digital Optical cable to Samsung Sound Bar. Detailed Instructions to use Samsung Remote Codes for your TV, DVD, blu ray player. How to program Samsung TV using universal remote codes: 31949; 5 digits Universal Remote control codes for Samsung Soundbar. Vizio Soundbar 5 Digit 31975 11144 31517 32454. Goto Remote Codes Section 3, 4 & 5 Digit Universal Remote Control Codes For Samsung TVs. You will get all brand universal remote code here to pair with Samsung soundbar. See also: the original code lists for CL3, CL4 and CL5 remote controls and programming instructions. To program your remote control to a SAMSUNG Sound Bar, use the following codes: 32609 22609 21014 20045 (Confirmed: works with Samsung Soundbar HW-FM55C, FM550, HW-HM45 and Xfinity remotes) To program your remote control to a SONY Sound Bar, use the following codes: 1345 4029 31759. COX Cable Remote To Soundbar Volume SETUP Press SETUP until light flashes Enter in the correct remote code for soundbar Light will blink green when correct code … The tech who visited said it can take a while for new codes to be found and released. 31949; 32609; 32600; 20045; 22609; 21014 To do this firstly locate your brand in the Code List. The guide on how to program a SAMSUNG Soundbar with a universal remote control has also been outlined below. Would like to use TIVO remote to control everything. Be sure to also change the TV's audio output settings, so the soundbar will be controlled by your TV remote. Samsung DVD player connected via the HDMI to port 1 TIVO remote works power on the TV (but not the sound bar). use the samsung tv codes listed to control tv with any universal remote. Each code consists of 5 digits , which can be entered by using the following keys to represent the digits 1-6: The guide the way to program a SAMSUNG Soundbar with a universal remote has also been outlined below.. Samsung Sound Bar 5 Digit Universal Remote Codes: You just need to pick a universal remote code from the list and program the remote. Mixed V3/V5/CL3/CL4/CL5 CD/Audio/Sound Bar codes for GE/Jasco universal remote controls. With a digital optical connection to the soundbar from your Samsung TV, hold the left direction on the Samsung TV remote's direction pad to activate or deactivate Auto Power Link, which only works with an optical connection. You need to understand the way to program your universal remote to figure together with your Samsung Soundbar before you’ll use the code. That stinks. Many codes enable remote to control vol up/down but none of the codes shuts the soundbar on/off. For volume, I am currently using the Sound bar remote. If that doesn’t work correctly then try changing the remote codes… When you buy a new Samsung Soundbar, usually it comes with ist remote control, but if it happened and you lost your remote control just go for a universal remote and get the codes listed above to program your universal remote with Samsung Soundbar. With Uverse remote try programming this method: Brands a listed by device type; TV, Streamer or Audio (Receiver or Soundbar). You can simplify things by using one remote to control your Samsung TV and soundbar.