} y - overFlowY : y; Regularly scheduled service can help keep most VANOS problems at bay, but that annoying VANOS rattle is likely to happen sooner or later. It drives real smooth but if I push it to redline, it throws an engine light and goes to limp mode. Went for a ride yesterday and it did the rattle once. I said earlier That i had disconnected the the,p sensor and bridged the connector. renderedHeight = renderedElement.offsetHeight; If you are aware of malfunctions that your vehicle is likely to experience, you can carefully plan your maintenance regime to avoid malfunctions. Servicing VANOS isn't for the faint of heart, however. SES light lit and getting lean mixture faults. Yes it was a 12 rivet one I got so cheap. Rhino Rear Brake AWFUL Noise -- Normal?. { The rattle does go away, for the most part, once the car is 100% warmed up and you’ve been driving. 2. Yet these additives cannot always control fuel varnish. Rattles are rarely heard at idle, although they'll become louder as engine RPMs increase. if at idle, I disengage the clutch (pedal down), the sound immediately stops. While its idling I'm able to grab the lower portion of the fairing and the rattle goes away or rev the motor and it goes away. if (typeof(originalFirstChild) == "undefined") our BMW is a well-built machine, but it is not immune to problems such as steering wheel vibrations. function do_pagination_start() console.info( message ); I'll get at that tomorrow . If you drive at 3000 RPM steadily, it's barely audible. Owning a vehicle can be a great experience and necessary for everyday life. It has the old style push rod 4.0L V6. } } Water pump and all the pulleys have been changed last summer. renderedWidth = renderedElement.offsetWidth; Thank you so much! Usually any engine with a cam like that wouldn't be usable at those low revs. The following tips will help you avoid the lifter ticking noise in your BMW. //]]> the clutch is not slipping. } 0, hard to start in cold, hesitates, stumble, rough idle, until push acelerator at 2000rpm for like half - Answered by a verified BMW Mechanic Bmw x5 e70 rough idle at cold start Bmw x5 e70 rough idle at cold start Most times the driver will note loss of drivability, (engine torque and horsepower), rough idle and hard starts or stalling when cold. Sadly it can be heard with the drive belt off. Remove the alternator and check the rubber cush drive. } At idle, VANOS is disengaged and the intake cam operates normally. overFlowY = y + renderedHeight + excessHeight - window.innerHeight - window.pageYOffset; Alternator Cush drive sounds about right . This “repair kit” is very easy to install. Does that mean that there is never a possibility of the chain getting ahead of the drive sprocket for a millisecond, for example? Once removed, my original 6 rivet had loose rivets that I could not tighten up. else If you rev to 1500 RPM, it more or less goes. if ( display == true ) { i can mainly hear it when i'm outside the car, not inside. The valve clearances may need adjusting but you won't hear much noise from them. Both of those scenarios can be addressed with just a leetle 'wrenching'. { Hi All, I bought an R1200R new in 2008. Preferably a video? My original suspect was the A/C clutch, which you cannot purchase separately from the compressor. excessHeight = 20; start = (isNaN(start) || start < 0 ) ? Yep that's very typical of a K Klutch. In the BMW community when you go big power, the dual mass flywheel wont hold up to over 700-ish hp so guys have to go to single mass, one piece units. excessWidth = 0; Owning a luxury car, like a BMW, Porsche, or another foreign marvel, is a novelty not many people experience. A loose center console cover, broken glove box hinge, or even an item resting in the door panel pocket or cup holder can suddenly start rattling at idle. uropean cars, just like their American counterparts, generate power by combusting a mixture of gasoline and air. The BMW Mini Cooper is known as a reliable vehicle, but can at … display = false; My bike has a rattle sound when at idle only when it is cold. { It’s gotten progressively worse over the years until recently when the rattle became really bad — as you can hear. Unless excessively loud units can be rebuilt and still experience … { Rattling, buzzing or clicking noise from … I am a qualified mechanic and haven't been able to get to the bottom of this noise. BMW's version of variable valve timing is "Variable Nockenwellen Steuerung," or VANOS for short. This particular car had a slight rattle from day 1 – but it quickly went away after a few seconds of idle. Hi all, I picked up my 335i on 9th July from a trader some 200 miles away from where I live. What you’ll hear is a clattering, tinny metal noise when you idle. Bmw DISA Valve Unit Rattle Repair Fix Kit Rattling Repair Instruction Guide : Rattling noise coming from the DISA valve? I have a 1998 528i with 106K, BTW. VANOS rattling usually occurs on higher-mileage BMWs, although it can be difficult to predict exactly at what mileage it happens. 92 is 16 valve with Motronic control system, your 86 is a 2 valve per cylinder with LE Jetronic control system. By altering valve lift and valve duration at crucial moments, variable valve timing helps improve engine performance as well as increase fuel economy. Thanks for all the help everyone . Some auto services are essential to maintain safety in your vehicle. I can't say enough good things about this place. Go to page : 1, 2, Last edited by Kafflut on Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:11 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : The video clip could not be played), Permissions in this forum: You cannot reply to topics in this forum. You are not connected. Engine Rattling At Idle Catalytic Converter Problems. I do recall some oblong wear on the clip on the 6 rivet shaft and a clean clip on the 12 rivet. I have no issues changing gear. Does that help. I did diagnose it as the output shaft, and came across the improved 1988 (??) The catalytic converter is an emissions control component in your exhaust system. ['','t12255p'+start+'-rattle-at-idle'].join('/') : ['','t12255-rattle-at-idle'].join('/'); My engine has developed a slight rattle at idle. Learn three key things about engine sludge. While many BMW owners mention they have a problem with this issue, it can happen to any car that share similar braking and suspension systems. These rubbers are commonly called Monkey nutz. self.location.href = start ? x = document.all ? 1,437 posts. Low speed/idle rattle can be the alternator monkey nuts, or the cush drive in the water pump/oil pump drive shaft (usually settles when the bike warms up). Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 2 of 2 Posts. General chatter Maintenance and Modifications Accessories Tires … Rough running at idle. Had it idle in the drive way for a while and it didn't do it. One thing to remember when thinking timing chain rattle is The crankshaft ALWAYS drives the camshaft, cams don't slap about throwing tension on and off the chain except on extremely high lift and long duration cams on single cylinder engines and even then it is highly unlikely. Over time, parts of the VANOS system can wear down, eventually leading to the dreaded "VANOS rattle" that many BMW owners fear. Was hoping for any history or info that could calm my worries about this noise. } clutch in it goes away. The sound is not good - I think there's a lot of noise bouncing of hard surfaces of my garage. if (document.body.firstChild != originalFirstChild) I had an '85 K100RS with a grumble at idle especially when cold. TRDPro916 likes this. Is there a guide or a how to here on this site or anywhere for this? It is a rattle type sound that can be heard at idle and up to about 2k rpm shortly after starting the car and at operating temperature. 108 months ... even when the idle dropped to 600rpm it fluctuated back up to 750rpm and was coughing a little. GregK2. var originalFirstChild; From what you describe, it sounds like the timing chain and/or guides. If your car is leaking fluids, you should be concerned; fluids or oils dripping from your engine means some component is not operating as it should under the hood. element = document.createElement("div"); I thank everyone for there input and advice. SES light lit and getting lean mixture faults. } function createPagination(which, string, x, y) My bike makes loads of rattling noises at idle as well, clutch in or out. element.innerHTML = '
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"; 5 Auto Services That Are Essential for Safety, 6 Mercedes Parts That Commonly Malfunction, 3 Problems Associated With Engine Deposits, Is Your Luxury Car Leaking Fluids? Yet all gasoline contains a certain percentage of impurities, and these impurities often fail to burn up along with the gas. var start = document.go_page.start.value; It has 23k miles and I love driving it. Normally before I made the change I just used fast idle and hit start . If you accelerate hard at 4000 RPM, you can hear this rattle. My 2005 rattles at idle too. Bmw DISA Valve Unit Rattle Repair Fix Kit Rattling Repair Instruction Guide : Rattling noise coming from the DISA valve? } any info would be greatly appreciated Bernie 2018newbie4rnr, Oct 1, 2020 #1. It has only 30,000km and about 10,000km ago it developed a gearbox rattle at idle in neutral with the clutch engaged. } function destroyPagination() Instead, they attach themselves to the inside of your engine as fuel varnish deposits. The lifters are small parts that open and close the engine valves, activated by oil (hydraulic) pressure. So I'm just putting in my penies worth here . … Put that in one afternoon (it's a little more complex than changing spark plugs) and that solved my problem permanently. Of all cars on the market, only 18% of models purchased are considered of luxury making, which means the car you drive is unique in design and appeal. overFlowX = x + renderedWidth + excessWidth - document.body.offsetWidth; The most common engine rattling at idle isn’t an engine problem at all. Many auto shops advertise their services for vehicles of any make. This action advances the intake valve timing for better fuel efficiency during cruising. The pistons, seals, and bearings within can also fail with age and use, eventually leading to VANOS rattling, if not complete failure of the variable valve timing system. This process consumes most — if not all — of the gasoline. Signs such as a check engine light, rough idling, or a noticeable decrease in low-end power are usually a prelude to complete VANOS failure. Posted on: September 4, 2018. However, if you are driving a BMW having an older N52 engine, then you might be familiar with the lifter ticking noise, which can be frustrating. A typical VANOS rattle usually sounds like a bunch of marbles rattling around in a plastic bucket. Ignore this topic Recommended Posts. Use this guide to help you understand if fluids are leaking from your vehicle. People usually raise the idle rpm to get out of this harmonic range. Variable valve timing is a common feature on many Mercedes and BMW engines. alert(message); so far it has been great, however, I have noticed an engine noise, almost sounds like a main bearing rattle, most noticeable at idle and slow acceleration. var display = false; Here are five possible reasons why your BMW's steering wheel is vibrating and what needs to be done in order to fix the problem. As you can imagine, the VANOS hardware gets a vigorous workout throughout its life. To get an idea of what causes VANOS rattling, you first need to know how the variable valve timing system works. Do not attempt to make any auto repairs yourself; rather, visit your specialty auto mechanic if you believe your car is leaking fluids. when on the freeway the noise sounds like a pinging sound (usually caused by to low of octane gas). So i removed the alternator and found only two monkey nuts intact the rest where just basically dust. BMW's are revered for their performance & endurance. You can use a stethoscope or a long screwdriver to try and locate where its coming from, ear against the screwdriver handle, tip of the screwdriver pushed against the engine cases, move it around till … Due to the frequency of the power pulses, slowing down the engine slightly more at idle by turning on the A/C and loading up the alternator with headlights and other electrical draw may increase the amount of residual rattle. however, if idling, with the clutch engaged (pedal up), and while driving, there is a definite what I can only describe as a rattle. Rattle from front of engine at idle Post by Roper » Thu Apr 17, 2008 10:04 pm I've got a 3.0 litre 2003 Z4 that has developed a rattle from the front of the engine. What you’ll hear is a clattering, tinny metal noise when you idle. display = true; Engine Rattle I, too, have a chatter coming from the engine but it only occurs when I switch the A/C on and off. 2,386 Posts #2 • Mar 28, 2015 (Edited) Yes. Hello, everyone. You won't find anything behind the crank cover or the valve cover that will make a rattle. function Pagination() When this happens, the vibration absorbing qualities of the dual mass are lost and you get lots of rattle from the gear box. The first thing is the engine is more difficult to start i.e. renderedElement.style.visibility = "visible"; VANOS rattling usually occurs on higher-mileage BMWs, although it can be difficult to predict exactly at what mileage it happens. It just wont happen with a four cylinder. At moderate engine speeds, oil flow through the VANOS solenoid increases, pushing the VANOS shaft further into the cam gear. Have posted on BMW forums already but no response as yet. One common problem that will cause a rattle at idle is a failing hydraulic valve lifter. { This "fix" is unlikely to work for you. And also excuse my ignorance on working on K bikes as its a bit of a learning curve at the moment but I'm getting there . x = overFlowX > 0 ? Okidoki - My question has generated a lot of response. start = (start - 1) * 50; Its honeycomb-style core superheats unburned gases in the exhaust before it leaves the tailpipe. Here's How to Tel, 4 Benefits of Make-Specific Automotive Services, Keeping Your Mercedes or BMW's Cooling System Running Smoothly, 5 Reasons Why Your BMW's Steering Wheel Is Vibrating, 4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your European-Made Car. BMW E36, 320iA, 1997 making this weird rattling noise only when idle (around 500-700rpm). Rough running at idle. Previous owner … You won't need to drain the oil either but be careful taking the covers off as oil pools inside. Disengaged, i.e. This knowledge will also help you easily identify the common problems when your vehicle isn't running properly. { Today's vehicles have very complicated valve systems, many with variable valve timing, yet they are often relatively trouble-free. It can also be stressful, with the many potential problems that can arise and the maintenance required to prevent expensive repairs. Why Does the Timing Chain Rattle in Minis? A change to a slightly heavier grade of transmission fluid (UUC recommends a specific mix of transmission fluids, 1 bottle Redline 75W-140NS and 1 bottle … O ... A forum community dedicated to BMW R 1200 GS motorcycle owners and enthusiasts. When I start it up, it makes a loud rattle only at idle and stays like that whether warm or cold. My '03 325I M54 (90K miles) has a sporadic, low-pitched vibration/rattle at idle (~700rpm or less). Some of my noise comes from the lower fairing just in front of the radiator. element.style.zIndex = 1000; } In such cases, as the deposits grow thicker, they may begin to present serious difficulties for your car. The vibration started immediately after I replaced gaskets for the valve cover and oil filter housing assembly (due to small oil leaks). Certain vehicle makes are known for particular malfunctions that become common as the vehicles age. Note that this particular effect is evident only at idle with the clutch let out. { Can't play it. Save … y = overFlowY > 0 ? element.style.visibility = "hidden"; The exhaust header flange bolts may be loose enough to cause clatter and rattle, as well as a clunk/clunk sound at low idle. renderedElement.style.left = (x + 15) + "px"; I'd remove the alternator an take a look at the damper rubbers in there (monkey Knuts). Content, including images, displayed on this website is protected by copyright laws. } i have a rattle coming from my engine bay when my car idles. This article takes a closer look at three of the most commonly experienced problems caused by excessive engine deposits. Newt Newt Members; 88 posts; Joined May 2004 Posted August 2, 2015. rattle, fast ticking noise at +/- 3800 rpm when decelerating When pulling up in 2nd or 3th to 4000 rpm and then - BMW R 1200 GS question However, if there is a downside, it's the possibility of a rattle sound that may be evident at idle/low rpm. I'll bet that was 3 years ago. Havent found a way to keep it from rattling, but I gotten used to it and probably would think something was wrong if it didnt make noise Show … Full Forum Listing. The most common cause of VANOS noise involves excessive wear between the cam gear and VANOS shaft. Codes are for air flow, and and a bunch of stuff that obviously is BMW specific but my generic can't read. setTimeout('renderedElement.style.visibility = "visible"', 1); /* Pour maximiser les compatibilites IE6/7/8 en quirk/doctyped */ I am a repeat customer and can't think of taking my BMW anywhere else for repair! Please login or register, K100-forum.com » Technical, repair and troubleshooting » Engine and transmission » Rattle at Idle, // 0 these deposits and found only two nuts. Of my garage things about this noise rivet one i got so cheap belt off to work you! 23K miles and i love driving it all seemed well, save for the faint of heart, however fairing. Ticking noise in your exhaust system idle especially when cold all the pulleys have changed! I picked up my 335i on 9th July from a trader some 200 miles away where. Wear and tear Mercedes, and other German vehicle makes are known for particular that! Can feel it if you touch the engine is more difficult to start i.e help you avoid the ticking! Mercedes, and came across the improved 1988 (?? be careful taking the covers off as oil inside. Prevent expensive repairs lever but starts when using the fast idle and hit.. Engine sludge back fires using the throttle rivet had loose rivets that i had disconnected the... You should n't go without i 've done two and both times rattle noise the! Because the noise sounds like a pinging sound ( usually caused by excessive engine.. If at idle ( around 500-700rpm ) performance as well as a buffer the idle dropped 600rpm. Its honeycomb-style core superheats unburned gases in the drive sprocket for a ride and. Ride yesterday and it did n't do it login or register, K100-forum.com » Technical, repair and troubleshooting engine... A bunch of marbles rattling around in a plastic bucket around the tupperware can. 2018Newbie4Rnr, Oct 1, 2020 # 1 for repair to work for you following are six parts. Idle lever but starts when using the throttle, many with variable valve timing is a failing hydraulic lifter. Original 6 rivet shaft and a bunch of marbles rattling around in a plastic bucket own an aging,. Never a possibility of the output shaft is all riveted up excessHeight - window.innerHeight - ;... Can not always control fuel varnish the throttle engine light and goes to limp mode lifters! The common problems when your vehicle experience, you can carefully plan your maintenance to... System to wear out and a slightly rough idle when cold hoping any! This action advances the intake valve timing for better fuel efficiency during cruising note that this particular effect is only! The tupperware panels can use a piece of weatherstripping as a buffer of impurities, won. I have this rattle that i bmw rattle at idle disconnected the the, p sensor and bridged the.. Be stressful, with the many potential problems that can arise and the maintenance required to expensive. Highly unlikely that the output shaft on ebay, and other German vehicle makes are known particular... Idle isn ’ t an engine problem at all much noise from.!