Bromeliads make wonderful flowering houseplants that grow well in low light conditions. Subsequently the gas should stimulate the plant to flower. Or else leave all the pups to flower in the same pot. Pot these up in a pot similar in size to the one the parent plant was grown in. Makes sense. YAY—what a surprise! It was a knock out beauty. Each Outdoor Rated Artificial Guzmania Bromeliad is designed for exterior applications in your ground garden, hanging baskets or window boxes. Intrigued? The longer you leave the pups attached to the parent the quicker they will mature. She enjoys sharing the beauty of creation through her photography. Try again. But what they do have are anchors or holdfasts. These inferior ovaries … It looked root bound so I repotted it in a much larger pot. Even I can grow bromeliad outdoors in my south florida garden, I might try your method to force the flowers too! Bromeliad flowers grow out of the floral bracts. Bromeliads are slow growing plants, and most of them will only bloom once in their lives. Your Bromeliads are lovely! A most interesting post Rosie. They cling to the branches of trees or lodge in rock crevices collecting rainwater in their funnels. Dump out the water and refresh it every week or so to keep the water from going stagnant. You call these pups. Thanks to your article I plan on rescuing them tomorrow and letting them grow back where they were but nestled in bark. I can not seem to get a comment to post. The ethylene gas that these fruits give off naturally from their skins forces the bromeliad to flower. In many ways, caring for bromeliads is similar to orchids, so if you already have orchids, bromeliad plant care will be a snap! Haha! In their natural habitat, the roots of nearly all bromeliads just anchor the plant onto the tree. Another beauty blooming in the cloud forest was Tillandsia cyanea, an epiphyte with interlocking pink bracts and deep purple flowers. They don’t get their water or nutrients from the soil, their roots are only used to hold onto trees, plants or other growing supports in the wild. Aechmea gamosepala cvrs: with a multitude of varieties, these Aechmea are most commonly known as “matchstick bromeliads”, for their flower spikes, which resemble masses of matches on a long stem. Amazing! Here they just seem to flower all on their own. what a wonderful and comprehensive how to on these beautiful plants…they are wonderful to have especially indoors, thanks for sharing these hints . Bromeliads grow best at 55°F but can take shot periods less than this. Bromeliad flower turning brown, or the color is fading – Once the flower bract (what most people refer to as the flower) starts to turn brown or the color fades, it’s a sign that the plant is done blooming and is starting to die, which is a normal part of the bromeliad life cycle. Bromeliads that are coming to the end of their life will grow tiny baby pups around the base of the main plant. I just trimmed off the dead and dying leaves. They are epiphytic in nature and recreate vegetatively by developing offsets or puppies. Thank you for posting this article. They come in a beautiful array of colors and foliage; they reproduce on their own, growing cute little baby bromeliads right in their very pots; and they will basically live forever with relatively low maintenance. This is the first time I got a chance to comment after picking the post, But this is really good information. Your email address will not be published. It’s also important to keep the water in the cup clean and fresh, you don’t want stagnant water sitting in the cup. Next time I'm going to get Bromeliad for indoors, thanks for the advice. Bromeliad Flowers Losing Color: When & How To Prune Them Off Your info will be a blessing for this beautiful plant! Bromeliads’ leaves form a cup at the plant’s base that catches and holds rainwater. Bromeliads are very popular during the Chinese New Year season as they are regarded as auspicious plants. Well read on! See the repotting section below for further details. First empty the water from its funnel/vase. Thank you for sharing. Other Vriesea splendens cultivars have different shades, but this one truly resembles a flaming sword. So, since your mother in law lived by the sea, and you’re further inland, that may be why yours aren’t doing as well. Should I be concerned about this? It's from these pups that you will get a bromeliad to flower from again. Those of you who grow bromeliads outdoors have no problem getting the pups to flower. I think most people buy Bromeliads when they are in flower and then they never know how to care for them This article is an invaluable resoure. The flower spikes die about a month at the least but sometimes up to almost a year (based on my personal experience, research, and knowledge gained at the nursery at which I work). Bromeliads propagate by sending out pups or offsets. Now it has the the small hairlike blooms that you said was actually the flower blooming. Bromeliads like humid air, so consider misting your plants on a regular basis if the air in your home is dry. They are not even ground plants to begin with. They lived in banishment under some ornamental taro for the last year and I recently rediscovered them thriving in a bucket of rotted bromeliad leaves and water. 🙂 Some bromeliad varieties can rebloom, so it’s not totally uncommon. These bracts are long lasting surviving for several months. If they are not there don't worry as they will soon appear as the parent plant very slowly dies away. Rosie, what a wonderful and very timely post for me! 🙂, Your email address will not be published. Besides they have health benefits too. If your potting bromeliads in regular potting soil, take care to keep the soil dry or your bromeliad could rot. The flower bracts are often long-lastingsometimes for months. Any tips or suggestions? Many people think that the large colorful growth that makes bromeliads so popular is the flower, which is a common misconception. Atop this is the flower spike, which is bright red and extends well above the foliage. They provide riots of color with their green, bronze, yellow, orange, red, purple, pink, and white leaves. There are tons of different varieties of bromeliads, and many of them will grow well indoors as houseplants. Must be the climate. Well, you have to be inventive! Once your bromeliad has flowered for you it will NEVER flower again from that same rosette of leaves. Gorgeous colors – these are beautiful plants and you are a wealth of information Rosie! If you’re lucky enough to live in a tropical climate where the temperatures never get below freezing, then you can grow bromeliads outside in your garden! Hi Amy, thanks! Now I know. If you have difficulty teasing the pup away from the parent plant use a sharp knife. Unlike FG, I don't grow them outdoors here, but have received the odd one or two as gifts, as houseplants. I bought a bromeliad 1-2 years ago. Many people are confused when their bromeliad starts to flower, since they thought the flower bracts were the flowers all along. So if you put more, you will also induce the plant to die. Dead or dying leaves can be pruned off at any time. In a natural growth cycle, a mature bromeliad will start sending up a flower spike, including tiny insignificant flowers with bracts. They like a lot of humidity. Bromeliad pups have to grow to full maturity before they will bloom. So glad that you’ve found my bromeliad care tips helpful! Most vrieseas are tank bromeliads with soft, shiny green leaves. is this a common thing? I have been struggling with the bromeliads I inherited from my late mother-in-law who was a fantastic gardener and grew her bromeliads in an outside garden. Colorful bromeliads, a tropical indoor plant, for sale at a local garden center. Some types of bromeliad types can be difficult to grow as houseplants, because they like humidity and can dry out too quickly in the average home (especially during the dry winter months). I wish I had the right climate to grow them. Thanks Rosie, something I can pass on to my customers at the flower shop. So, if your bromeliads haven’t flowered yet, then that’s why they don’t have any pups. But that is the flower bract, and not the actual flower. It looks like it could use some TLC, though. By the way, I too have tried bananas to force my broms to bloom. But some of them don't flower. Too much water around the roots will encourage root rot, especially during the winter. It contains a low level of nutrition which is perfect for Bromeliads. Welcome to Leavesnbloom …the home of nature, gardening and floral photography. Definitely very useful info for me . I will put a link to this on my site! 🙂. Rosie, the link to my post about using apple peels to induce flowering in pineapples is here: I love their brightly coloured inflorescences (flower spikes) especially at this time of year in the house. Based on size, the artificial bromeliads' flower spike can be taller and skinner or shorter with a bit more width. Small, bright yellow or orange flowers are borne on unbranched spikes that emerge from between the leaves instead of from the center as with other bromeliads. Is this possible? I have four Bromeliad plants they’re all doing really well but only one has pups why do the others not have any pups. But to much water should I pull them up? They seem to be cursed much like any orchids that find their way into my house, however, if I ever receive another, I'll be sure to use these tips to try to keep the poor thing going. I've never tried growing bromeliads, but do love their tropical look. All content found on this website is copyrighted materials and any form of reproduction is strictly prohibited. sapota (Achras sapota), squash, bananas, tomatoes. Some ripe fruit like an apple, kiwi or banana. I will now water only the leaves. It didn't occur to me that I can use this method on other bromeliads too. Guzmania, Aechmea and Vriesea bromeliads are favourite houseplants of mine. Hope mine gives me years and years of pleasure…it already has one pup growing, Wonderful, I’m so happy that your bromeliad is growing well for you! Thanks,Rosey. They’re capable of surviving temperatures down to 20 degrees. Once the main plant dies back, you can prune it out and leave the pups growing in the pot. I planted mine outside (in the mid-island, cooler region, frosty in winter) and they hated me. More will grow. Thank You –. I have always admired Bromeliads along with Orchids, and everything Tropical. You can think of it as an umbilical cord I guess, LOL! 🙁 Just watch for pups to grow around the base, and keep those once the mother plant dies. Loved the idea of attaching broms to bamboo cames! Avoid high nitrogen feeds as they elongate the leaves. … What most people refer to as the bromeliad flower is the floral bract, and not the actual flower. If you prefer to grow bromeliads in pots, you can buy bromeliad soil mix, or use an orchid soil mix. You definitely live in the perfect climate for them, I’m jealous! (Garden centres or pet stores that have an aquatics department will normally have large clear bags. Great, informative post…and lovely plants! #4. 🙂. This past February it sent up a new spike. Don't water again until the top surface of the compost is dry to the touch. You keep their funnels/vases in the centre of the rosette of leaves filled with water during Spring, Summer, and Autumn months. This size takes around 10 years to achieve. They don't have a proper root system that absorbs nutrients. As a postharvest physiologist as a past profession, ethylene is the most important gas we know, because it is the ripening hormone. They are resilient and very adaptable houseplants. Rosie has been featured on TV on BBC2's The Beechgrove Garden and she uses the outdoors as her natural light studio. The flowers will typically last for several months. Therefore an ideal compost to put in the pot is orchid compost (affiliate link). I have given up on them.You clearly have an amazing knowledge of these plants and the information you give here is incredibly detailed and informative. It begins as a vase-shaped rosette until the bloom begins forming. So yours may very well look different than the ones in my photos. Best to plant them 10-20mm above the base of the plant. Some species, like the one you pictured here are nicknamed 'pineapple' flower because pineapple is an auspicious word in Chinese. It's just so stinkin' dry in the house, which of course is a good thing, as mold and mildew could be a big problem in Florida if it were humid in here. It continued to produce more leaves and looked good even with no flower! One questionI have is if I wanted to see if I could get it to attach to something, how would I do that.? You could grow your bromeliad houseplant in rooms that are more humid, like a bathroom or in the kitchen close to the sink. I think I might have contributed to the death of the odd bromeliad or two. Change the water in the funnel every so often to prevent water stagnation and a build-up of bacteria. Ha ha. But the flower may have come from a pup too, it’s difficult to know for sure. Thanks. Bromeliads don’t usually have too much trouble with bugs, but houseplant scale or mealybugs can be a problem, so be sure to keep an eye out during your regular bromeliad plant care routine. In a natural growth cycle, a mature plant will send up a flower spike that includes small, sometimes insignificant flowers, surrounded by showy bracts (it's really the bracts that people like in bromeliad flowers). Rosie, I haven't really looked after my bromeliads the way they are supposed to. Bromeliads flower very very frequently here without any help. Enjoy! I so, you have lots of new plants to replace the dying one! I'd like to try out the plastic bag method for one variety that didn't flower after a splendid show the year before. Hi Amy, I bought a bromeliad a few weeks ago and the yellow leaves at the top are starting to wilt already. Let those pups grow until they are at least a third or preferably half the size of the parent plant. Like I mentioned above, most bromeliads will eventually fade and die after they’re done flowering. Bromeliads with thicker leaves are often more cold-tolerant, including many of the plants in the genus Dyckia. A small grow light helps a ton if you don’t have any natural light. They are also short lived plants, and most bromeliad varieties will die after flowering. That way, the babies can still get nutrients from the mother as they work to grow their own roots, and become mature enough to eventually be separated and live on their own. 🙂 To mount your plant, you can attach the roots to a log or a sphagnum moss pole using something like florist wire or garden ties. If you are interested in houseplant care I have published some more blog posts: How to care for Calathea crocata Tassmania Blooms – The Eternal Flame flower. You’re welcome! Please check out my disclosure policy for more details. Bromeliad Plant Features Bromeliads are bold, stylish houseplants that work especially well in contemporary, modern, and tropical decor styles. Blushing Bromeliad or Fingernail Plant (Neoregelia species): Neoregelias are spectacular foliage plants. This is the normal lifecycle for bromeliads, and unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Aechmea chantini has a flower spike with brilliant red scape bracts and yellow‐to‐red flowers. It is different from all of the website pictures that I see. Many bromeliads won’t flower, but if you do get a bloom, you’ll need to remove the flowering stalk after the bloom fades by cutting down as close to the plant as you can. There are only a few of these yellow blossoms and some are brown and did not bloom. I’m a passionate gardener who loves growing everything from vegetables, herbs, and flowers to succulents, tropicals, and houseplants - you name, I've grown it!